NSK1042 HiTechnic NXT IR Seeker V2


Age Mark: 8+
Brick Type: LEGO_ Technic
Piece count: 1

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Play robot soccer and zero in on your infrared (IR) beacons with the new and enhanced IRSeeker V2 (Version 2). You can use most TV remotes and LEGO_ Power Functions remotes as beacons that the IRSeeker V2 will detect. With a specially designed curved lens and five internal detectors, the IRSeeker V2 has a 240 degree view making it perfect for playing robot soccer with the HiTechnic IRBall. The IRSeeker V2 has enhanced modes that detect modulated IR signals, including the new RoboCup Jr stepped modulated mode, and it filters out background signals giving superior performance in brightly lit rooms and sunny locations. The sensor returns the signal direction and strength making it easy to locate and gauge the relative distance to the target. A winning robot soccer combination when combined with the HiTechnic NXT Compass Sensor!

HiTechnic EV3 I2C Blocks
This is a release of the HiTechnic EV3 blocks file. Supported sensors are: Angle, Compass, Accelerometer, and IRSeekerV2.
New with v. 0.30: Compass and IRSeekerV2 blocks updated.
Split blocks into individual .ev3b files so you only need to import what you need. Worked around EV3 IIC U8 as I8 bug.