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  • 45001 Playground Set with Storage



    Deepen children??s understanding of relationships as they construct a familiar place where they can explore the concepts of friendship, feelings, and community. The set encourages creative play and imaginative storytelling as it inspires children to role-play around important and practical ideas such as sharing equipment, conflict resolution, and playground safety.

    Additional Features
    • Encourages creative play, imaginative storytelling, and use of language related to shape, color, and position
    • Includes two inspirational building cards with building instructions for two pieces of playground equipment
    • Includes an activity booklet with quick ideas
  • 45002 Tech Machines Set with Storage


    Transform your children into expert builders! With the Tech Machines Set in your classroom, you??ll help children develop their fine motor and problem-solving skills while simultaneously unleashing their creativity as they construct classic machines.

  • 45004 Caf_+ Set with Storage


    Stimulate children to play and collaborate as they construct various food items and learn to sort, count, match, and pattern. The unique and colorful bricks, as well as menu and recipe cards, inspire language and role-play around restaurants, shopping, and people??s needs. Children will naturally practice basic math as they play with this engaging set.

  • 45005 StoryTales

  • 45006 Multi Vehicles

  • 45008 Math Train


    Discover counting, patterning, and simple addition and subtraction with a fun and imaginative set that also teaches the purpose of stations and trains. Children will role-play exciting transportation scenarios as they use the crane to load and unload colorful train cargo and construct stations along a delivery route that they create!

  • 45009 Animal Bingo


    Everyone is a winner with Animal Bingo! Children will explore collaborative play, follow game rules, and take turns as they build the colorful animal models depicted on the game cards. They will engage in shape and color recognition, match and count animals, and learn to follow instructions in a fun and engaging way.

  • 45018 Build Me “Emotions”

  • 45022 Community Minifigure Set


    Explore life as a member of the community with an inspiring collection of LEGO_ characters living out everyday scenes. The wide variety of roles and responsibilities give children the opportunity to discover how people live, work and help each other, while the 21 playing cards and 5 downloadable game ideas promote social skills, critical thinking and language development.

  • 45023 Fantasy Minifigure Set


    With an inspiring mix of real-life, make-believe and historical characters, these 21 LEGO_ characters unleash children??s imagination. Watch them bring stories to life and take them to another level by adding extra details to each model. Playing cards provide gaming elements that promote social skills, critical thinking and language development

  • 45024 DUPLO_ STEAM Park


    STEAM Park builds on every child??s natural curiosity and desire to create, explore, and investigate the world of early science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) through creative play. The possibilities are endless, as you work with them to construct a STEAM Park full of dynamic moving rides, fun games, and scenes using the special selection of LEGO_ DUPLO_ bricks. With every trip to STEAM Park, children grow their understanding of gears, motion, measurement, and solving problems together in a fun and engaging way.

  • 9071 Large LEGO_ DUPLO_ Building Plates

  • 9656 Early Simple Machines Set

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  • 9660 Early Structures Set

    Sale! $1,650.00 $800.00

    107-piece DUPLO early structures set.
    Includes elements for students to build towers, bridges, and walls while exploring different ways to build structures and learn about balance and stability.
    Supports a group of 2 to 3 students, age five years and older.

Showing all 14 results