Why the Creator Program?

The Creator program utilizes guided and open-ended lessons to help children to: 

  • Work as part of a group, taking turns and sharing fairly 
  • Talk about matters of immediate interest 
  • Listen to others and respond appropriately 
  • Explore color, texture, shape, form, and space in 2D & 3D 
  • Make relevant observations and predictions 
  • Experiment with a range of objects and shapes 
  • Sort and match objects, and talk about sorting

Super Size It

In Super Size It, children learn mathematics concepts. For example, in the activity “Goldilocks and the Three Sizes,” children build models to demonstrate and understand about relative size using LEGO bricks for the small chair, DUPLO® bricks for the medium chair and the LEGO Soft bricks for the large chair.

Make It Work

In Make It Work, children use the Tech Machines Set along with LEGO DUPLO bricks to create transportation and construction related vehicles and equipment. Science and mathematics concepts are the focus in these activities. For example, children learn about pulling and lifting forces by building machines that include the crane hook element in the “Hooks and Beams” activity. In the “Passenger Plane” activity, children estimate the size required and then design and build an airplane for 6 LEGO DUPLO figures.

Let’s Play Games

In Let’s Play Games, children play games and experiment with taking turns, following rules, sharing and co-operating. In the “Behind the Wall” activity, for example, children explore visual discrimination, features, colors and shapes along with descriptive language.

Making a City Work

In Making a City Work, children create models of well-known features of community life, thereby exploring their environment, traffic rules, transportation and how people help each other. In the “Eating Out” activity, for example, children create models of a restaurant and explore facilities, taking orders and general logistics about eating out.

Theme Park Makers

The Theme Park Makers Curriculum Pack is a problem-solving program that has been designed to provide social opportunities for children, which empower them to express their ideas. It enhances logical, critical, and creative thinking skills, and helps children expand upon newly-acquired knowledge. Children will develop their critical thinking skills as they build equipment related to a theme park. They will also develop their creative thinking skills as they build their own models. Throughout each lesson the children will collaborate and share ideas, concepts,and experiences.

My Coding Train

In My Coding Train Curriculum children will intuitively use computational thinking to develop designs and express ideas as they build a train and tracks, and position action bricks to affect the train’s behaviour. Early coding will strengthen children’s communication and collaboration skills, and encourage problem-solving, helping them to remember instructions and focus their attention. Allowing children to explore the basic skills needed for coding at an earlier age will make it easier for them to learn, understand, and apply coding concepts later on.

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