Why the Explorer Program?

The Explorer program is ideal for explaining the concepts of cause and effect, and position and weight. It utilizes guided and open-ended lessons to help children to: 

  • Work as part of a group, taking turns and sharing fairly
  • Talk about matters of immediate interest
  • Listen to others and respond appropriately
  • Use a wide range of materials, tools, and techniques

Family, Friends and Neighbours

In Family, Friends and Neighbours, children build models illustrating concepts of their identity as a child living in a family and a community. For example, children create a model of themselves in the activity “Nobody Like Me.” Using their models, they can share something about themselves with others and they can also learn to listen and appreciate what others share.

Caring for Animals

In Caring for Animals, children create models of wild and domesticated animals and their environment. For example, in the activity “Let’s Go to the Zoo,” children create zoo enclosures with environments for monkeys, elephants, polar bears and other animals. The zoo song they learn as a class, helps them identify and remember the animals as they build and play.

Make It Go

In Make It Go, children build models of input-output devices and explore directions and related concepts. In the “Maze Madness” activity, for example, children explore cause and effect and simple positional language.

Stories, Songs and Silly Monsters

In Stories, Songs and Silly Monsters, children create models of wild well-known or fantasy characters and act out stories, songs or plays. In the “Puppet Party” activity, for example, children create puppets to help them develop storytelling skills and the ability to imitate the real world.

Build Me Emotions

The Build Me Emotions Curriculum is a learning program that empowers children to express their own thoughts and offers them social opportunities to learn about their emotions. It enhances skills involving reasoning, critical thinking, and creative thinking. The Build Me Emotions Curriculum also helps children expand upon their acquired knowledge and language skills. Children will use their imaginations to explore different emotions and responses to those emotions using three-dimensional models and discussion time to build on what they already understand.

Safari Adventure

Safari Adventure Curriculum is a game-oriented learning program that provides social opportunities for children and empowers them to express their own ideas. It enhances logical, critical, and creative thinking skills. The Safari Adventure Curriculum also helps children expand upon newly acquired knowledge. Children use their imagination to explore different habitats, learn about animals, and create three-dimensional models.

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