The LEGO ® Education Space Challenge set combines tough hands-on materials and content in one seamlessly integrated product. It’s been classroom-tested by professional educators and the easily-implemented activities ensure that you and your students are quickly up and running within a single lesson.



The new LEGO ® Education EV3 Space Challenge set and Space Challenge Activity Pack is an innovative way of teaching modern STEM concepts. Students take responsibility for their own learning and become young scientists and engineers, immersed in motivating challenges that encourage creative problem-solving, communication and teamwork.

The EV3 Space Challenge set contains:

The Space Challenge set provides you with all the bricks and mats you need. Combined with the specially developed Activity Pack, it gives you several different missions for fun STEM Learning opportunities.


The Space Challenge Activity Pack is comprised of the following main categories:

Learning to Gear

Learn the basics of gears, so students can build effective robots applying knowledge of physical science and mathematical principles

Learning Missions

9 individual Learning Missions that encourage students to investigate, observe, calculate and apply knowledge to solve specific tasks.

Research Projects

Discussions and projects designed to familiarize students with the planning and development for space exploration.

Challenge Missions

7 individual Missions where students apply and creatively adapt programming and problem- solving skills to construct robots that solve actual space exploration challenges.

Learning with the Space Challenge Set

In the Space Challenge Set, there are ‧ ‧ ‧

  • 1 Basics of Gears project,
  • 9 Learning Missions,
  • 7 Challenge Missions

included in student and teacher materials in a multimedia-content environment.