LEGO® Education Afterschool

Learning is at the very core of the LEGO® Group’s most heartfelt values. In cooperation with cutting edge professionals in the field, our Education Division has accumulated three decades of rich research results in child development and effective learning experience. We offer “an education that will last a lifetime”


LEGO® Education was founded in 1980 in response to demands from teachers and childcare practitioners. LEGO® Education supplies educational solutions for children from 1½ to 16+ years, with a global network of more than 50 suppliers across 60 countries.




LEGO® Education Afterschoo Programs

LEGO® Education afterschool Programs(LEAS) cater for children from 3 to 9+ years. Each program is developed by educational specialists to meet the specific developmental needs of children as they grow. The programs are based on topics. Each topic supports specific learning areas and each session has individual learning goals.