"SEMIA" word from Spanish "Semilla" - meaning "Seed".
We hope to bring the World's best Educational philosophy and tools to China, Hong Kong & Macao, sowed the seeds of wisdom!

Our Vision

SEMIA Limited was founded in 2000, is the Partner of LEGO® Education in Hong Kong from 2000 to 2020, with more than 20 years of experiences. We believed that “Only the Best for the children”, we promote Technology Education in Hong Kong. From product development, teacher training, student workshop to International Robot Competition (World Robot Olympiad, FIRST LEGO League) etc,. We also provide services to the every education sector in Hong Kong (Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary School and University).

In January 2010, SEMIA, LEGO Education and Ministry of Education of China, started a 5 years “Technical Education Innovation and Personnel training plan(技術教育創新人才培養計畫)”. A total of 400 schools in China were chosen to participate in this plan.

During the Training Plan period, their teachers was trained to become a Science and Technology Teacher Specialist and to promote “Hands-On” experience in the classroom, to create a space for creativity and innovative learning, and drive into 21-century Technology world.

In 2012, we are proud to cooperate with Hong Kong Education City to publish an article on “Bricks and Robot – The Innovative way of learning”. We invited two schools to share their experience on teaching LEGO Robotics.

At the end of the project, more than 120 LEGO Education Teaching Resources are shared on Hong Kong Education City website for Teachers to download.